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Praise for RTPA from Harkins Audit Software

RTPA is the first option on my Programming Menu.
  from a newly trained RPG programmer
I use RTPA when I need help.
    from a senior programming manager who also still programs
I just used your programs over the last 4 or 5 hours to add a rather complex feature to one of our programs. It's a great tool! I'm still climbing up the learning curve on using it, but it really helped.
  from a programmer working with very large RPGIV (ILE) programs
RTPA saved my a--!
    from a senior programmer implementing a large warehouse management system
RTPA has helped me already.
  from a newly hired experienced programmer
I use RTPA quite a bit, and it saves me tons of time.
    from an RPGIV programmer
RTPA has doubled my productivity.
  from a young programmer with one year’s RPG experience
I tried using Debug on a complex new program I wrote for a major WebFacing conversion. I had to use the program that same night and I simply could not find my logic problem in time with Debug, and I became very frustrated at my inability to find this bug. Finally, I used RTPA and immediately found my problem, on page 641 of the RTPA Audit output.
    from an experienced senior software developer
My guys are using your RTPA tool daily.
  from the director of Business Analysis at a very large corporation
I'm working on a set of conversion programs, almost "adhoc" type programs to convert a customer's database into ours. I've been using your RTPA programs, and they work great. Really cuts down on debug time.
    from a programming manager in a service company
You ought to think up a new slogan for RTPA, something like; "A hundred times better than Debug".
  from a CIO in a large company
RTPA can be a benefit to all of our RPG programmers.
    from a project manager in a large company
I want all you programmers to use RTPA. We must become more productive in our programming.
  from the CIO of a large manufacturing and distribution company
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