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Looking Over Your Program's Shoulder
eServer Spotlight Profile by Don Rima: May 2002

Most iSeries programmers have had to work with someone else's code after either inheriting another developer's system or picking up some vendor's software package.
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Increase RPG Programmer Productivity
iSeries Network, April 1, 2002 Web Exclusive -

Harkins Audit Software, Ltd.'s Real-Time Program Audit for RPG (RTPA) utility shows every line of source code as it executes, including all the data being processed. RTPA helps programmers focus on the key pieces of code.
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Building a Better Programmer  MC Press Online 1999

What Happens to Your Job When Your Billion-dollar Company Is Sold?  MC Press Online 2000

IMHO: The Dangers of Being a Longtime IT Manager or CEO  MC Press Online 2000

How to Lead, Manage, and Motivate Corporate Programmers  MC Press Online 2005

Increase RPG Programmer Productivity  SystemiNetwork  2002

From 5250 to the Web | IBM i | IBM Systems Magazine 2002

with David Slater and Garry Reinhard

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