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About Us
Software engineering techniques have advanced tremendously over the last 40 years, but software engineers still face many of the same challenges: understanding other people's software, tracking down bugs and verifying that code executes as expected. Harkins Audit Software has pioneered a breakthrough technique for solving these frustrating problems. Our Real-Time Program Audit software gives you knowledge and power over your software that you've never had before by allowing you to look inside your programs to see exactly what they're doing.

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring the power of real-time auditing to programmers worldwide is our mission. With computers becoming more powerful every day, our auditing technique is usable by programmers on any platform using any language. We believe that, in the future, every program will be audited.

816 Daisy Lane
West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: 610.431.1755
Fax: 610.415.1117
Web Address: www.harkinsaudit.com
email: paulhark@aol.com

Paul Harkins  President and Chief Technology Officer

Real Time Program Audit for RPG III/IV

Real Time Program Audit for Cobol

Real Time Program Audit for CLP

Real Time Program Query

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